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    My abscent nathaniel

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    My abscent nathaniel

    Post  SrSgt. Nath [SDF] on Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:24 am

    ive found myself a short term job, im now a sorta builder appentice for abit (6 weeks, 1 week done) , basically my uncle is mid manager a little company and needs more people to help build a a new house in a village out off my town, he just needs more people due to a builder strike in the company that happened about a week ago, i said ill help out if i get now i wake up at 6.30, get a lift from a mate to th site which takes 30 mins and work till about 4, then have to walk all the way back with my crap which takes like an hour if i jog and decide to cross the busy motorway(all this normally in the rain). So yeah, this is the main reason i cant bother my asre to come on my computer at night and do anything but moan and feel all alone haha....but ill deffo be on at the weekends becasue i wont be knacked off my face......sometimes i come home at lunch (like today) if theres nothing to do so i might be on in the day, but backs sore my hands are rough.......i just want to lay down and die haha. hopefully see you tomoz.
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    Re: My abscent nathaniel

    Post  JrSgt. Tim [SDF] on Fri Jul 04, 2008 3:55 pm

    Don't die Nath Sad You'll make it! I'm sure you will.


    Re: My abscent nathaniel

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    Re: My abscent nathaniel

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