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    Sperbers enlistment - ACTIVE DUTY

    JrSgt. Sperber [SDF]
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    Sperbers enlistment - ACTIVE DUTY

    Post  JrSgt. Sperber [SDF] on Wed Jun 04, 2008 12:05 pm

    Name: Daniel Lincke

    In-game nick: Sperber

    Age: 30

    D.O.B: 08.12.1977

    Microphone: yes

    Teamspeak: yes

    Where did you hear of us: Fritchmen talk to me

    What can you bring to us: me, i m a teamplayer

    What do you expect from us: we played some times together, that was good

    Prefered Role: what ever, can play many roles, mg and flying i like

    Commitment Time: some hours

    Contact Details : sorry, not here

    TSgt. Falcon [SDF]

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    Re: Sperbers enlistment - ACTIVE DUTY

    Post  TSgt. Falcon [SDF] on Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:24 pm

    welcome Sperber you have been accepted for the Recruit phase of the Sahrani Defense Forces

    your Tags will be

    Rct. Sperber

    next time you are on teamspeak i will get ur registered

    and by PM if you can send a contact info plus your Player ID for ArmA this is to get you on to the Squad XML.

    thank you for your application and hope you enjoy your stay

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