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    Arcadia Seven

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    Arcadia Seven

    Post  JrSgt. Fritchman [SDF] on Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:30 pm

    Chief Warrent Officer William Fritchman "Arcadia Seven", RACS 2/15th Light Infantry, Vietnam:

    Fritchman was born in Arcadia, Sahrani 1938. He graduated with a degree in fine arts from the University of Dolores and moved to Parasio where he was married and had two sons. Working as a pilot for the Sahrani Airlines company Fritchman was caught trespassing in the royal palace late at night near the Queen's private quarters. Fritchman was given two options, prison or enlistment into the RACS, which were preparing to deploy into Vietnam. Fritchman opted to enlist into the SDF, being the first Fritchman to serve the military since the execution of Lt. Col. Fritchman during the disbanning of the 1st Cavalry. Given his flight career Fritchman managed to enlist as a warrent officer, although he would spend most of his time on the ground as a forward observer. He would be killed in action in 1972 when his Locust observation helicopter came under fire by small arms in an unknown area of the jungle. His actions in the field would pave the way for many future Fritchman's in the RACS, and in an interview by Oliver Stone it was stated that Fritchman was the inspiration for the character "Sgt. Elias" in the classic move "Platoon".

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    Re: Arcadia Seven

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    fantastic fritchman!

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